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The difference between tags and categories

wp-logo.pngFAQ is the reading for this hour. I have to read and understand the difference between tags and categories because I just clicked the link under “Questions about how to use tags? Look here!” as seen below.


When I clicked the here link, I already decided to navigate away from my “Write Post” window and find out what’s there . (Read the rest of this entry…)


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Open Laszlo: 1 of many

OpenLaszlo WebsiteAt 2:21 AM on 1/16/2007, this is what I wrote.

Today is my first day of knowing OpenLaszlo. I want to know more about OpenLaszlo because of the promise it brings to me. The promise says,

“You can now develop AJAX and Flash with OpenLaszlo!”.

What this means to me is I don’t need Flash Application anymore or SWISH to create .SWF file because openLaszlo can.

openLaszlo as the name implies, is surely an open-source platform.

Since then I have my radar turned on @

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On Wise FTP

In this entry I will talk about FTP or file transfer protocol particularly WiseFtp as one of the tools I have been using for uploading and downloading files to my webserver. You can read more about File Transfer protocol at wikipedia website. There are plenty of ftp applications out there that I can choose from, but I choose Wiseftp among all the others.wiseftp_image

Why wiseftp?
I have no particular reasons why I choose wiseftp except that my web host recommended it, and supplied a direct download link from their Control Panel. Now, that I am used to wiseftp, I stayed with it without exploring the others. Read the rest of this entry »

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The favicon.ico

I know this is lame. Imagine a favicon.ico for this entry? What else to explain or to tell about favicon.ico? Nothing!

Yes, nothing at all except most of today’s websites use favicon.ico to personalize their particular url websites. This favicon.ico or page icon or url-icon can be seen at the browser’s URL bar.

To create a favicon.ico is no longer a mystery to me. Yes, I accept it was until I visited this site.

In this site, I was able to create my personalize url-icon called favicon.ico.

Favicon maker- Create a favicon from any image

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Hello World! Year:2009 (PI)

This is my WordPress blog and I am using Theme: Grid Focus.

The screen shot below is the "Grid Theme Focus" Basic Architecture

Grid Focus

This side bar belongs to Primary-Index.

At the time of this writing, I was listening MLK's 1963 "I have a dream" speech.

In the U.S.A., every 19th day of February, we the people, celebrate Martin Luther King's day.

martin luther king

Watch PBS: The American Experience for inspiration.

The Barack Obama effect

Bush era ends: the legacy of ...

Inauguration trip to DC: What a day!

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