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Copyright Material: Copyright Notice

New word is born… “DIGITAL BARBARISM”

“dandansoy inom tuba laloy”  reconnects me to this blogger. First time after few moments of reading the content especially the “Copyright Notice” I began to nosebleed. Way, too cool!

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  1. eksith says:

    An ironic choice of words.

    Then again, it’s “their” work, so they feel very protective of them.

    I usually take the opposite approach. Almost everything I write or create is usually in the Public Domain unless otherwise noted. Or it’s under the ISC license which is very permissive.

    I found the “Digimarc” software use on that blog particularly amusing. Here’s some detail on how their software is supposed to work. It’s a bit like a fingerprint that stays with the image regardless of where it’s copied.

    Does sound a bit barbaric.

    I never understood why people felt so possessive of their work. After all, if they’re really determined to steal something you created, nothing you do will prevent them from doing so.

    And we can only “own” anything for as long as we’re alive. Which is a rather short period of time, in the grand scheme of things, anyway.

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