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Sounds more like PC to me: PC Phone that is!

I have been around with computers for a while now. Actually, not just computers but also with real breathing human beings; users and learners; with different level of computer know how.

And I noticed that if you stay long enough in a computer lab (7 years) used for Education Technology, you will notice right away what type of computer user you are dealing with.

Most of these users especially the techno savvies loved to share their gadgets. They don’t usually follow the usual routine on where to save, and retrieved their files. They used their own gadgets for storage, although once in while, I could still see people using Floppy 31/2 .

Right now I am still waiting for someone to come around carrying this piece of equipment – a touch screen device  that might be called X, Y, Z phones. I will be delighted to see how it works in real life, because according to the specs, it  can do what a PC could do. Still waiting!

Small but powerful too!
Personal Computer/not a phone




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