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The Ubuntu Book

Out from nowhere, Like magic… you appeared
Technically speaking? someone had put you there, nicely.
Hey, I am just being dramatic here, you know.
The encounter was brief.
No need for an intro,
Nor the usual, who the hell are you?ultimoAdios ubuntu book
Ubuntu? What is that?
Without any second thought,
Picked you up and held you in my arms,
And uttered the word “Preciousssssss!!!!”
Yes, you were so complete, untouched
Like a virgin -Never been kissed
Never been touched
If you were?
I guess, the companion DVD was no longer there.
Lately, I heard a lot about you
In fact, I thought a lot about you
When did you arrive?
Nobody spotted you yet?
Obviously not,
I am the first one,
Oh! was that Destiny!
Our Destiny?
Ubuntu and me… or I?
Which is which?
Who cares!


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