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Teamwork Collaboration: A failure when a workplace is full of morons

I am back from long – week hiatus here in the blogesphere. Beside I am still on the process of adjusting to my new gig. The best part is at least I am FAR away from the people in a workplace with full of whiners, a crying boy (where is my mommy!), a pretentious quack wanna be Dr. Phil  who’s job is preserved for the reasons of insanity; an uneducated coordinator with her up to no good  henchmen.  Are you kidding me? I am free from you guys! Thanks a lot!

No, I could not be in that place. One frigging year is too much. I should have gone long time ago. They don’t deserve me and I don’t deserved them. YOU ARE ALL UNPROFESSIONALS! Yes, you hear me.

I should not even publish this “Teamwork;+collaboration, +sharing= avalanche of what? which become the MOST READ for weeks and weeks. Guys, the avalanche I was hoping for in that workplace did not happen because the place is just full of morons, including me of course. hehehe.

My friends sorry to inform you that “Teamwork  and collaboration” is a failure. The problem is that there are CRABS among us and if you have no protection against idiotic people (I know who are idiots because I am an idiot) then the idea of collaboration is doomed to fail. Everyone is trying to save their own assess and most of all pretentious. I know because I became them. I played with their game. I was able to penetrate their minds and their souls.

I am proud to be in that place though but the people were just too much ( a supervisor who is as moron, an ego maniac “guy” who taught he is the greatest because he published something).

The most amazing part is that this place wanted to inflect fear in my heart and in my being which I resisted. Are they GONE MAD? ME, AFRAID? A FILIPINO-AMERICAN afraid of bitchy MORONIC stupid people? NO frigging WAY!

At the end I still got what I wanted – the proof… how mean people are. Because of their moronic, power hungry attitudes they gave me what I wanted. Yes,  I RESIGNED and that day I ended up being escorted out in that building and told by the ARROGANT  executive officer that  if I go back I would be accused of trespassing.

HELLO, this story did not happen in the PHILIPPINES or in the third world country.  It happened here in the UNITED STATED OF AMERICA!

It is understandable though because THAT IS WHAT  YOU GET IF YOU HAVE NO UNION!

Is there any advise out there how to get back to these people or this type of organization? Thank you for your advise if you have any.


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2 Responses

  1. eksith says:

    This story is so familiar, I’m glad and sad at the same time.

    Glad, because I’m not alone.
    Sad, because I’m not alone.

    In fact, this is one of the reasons I’m freelancing as an outside contractor now instead of working for any firm as a full-time employee.

    The down side is that I have to get my own health insurance, benefits, paid leave and set my own times etc… But as far as I can see it, I’m extending my lifespan by not working for those types.

    As they say, the volume of one’s voice is inversely proportional to his skill.

    The louder and more “me, me, me” they are at showing off, chances are the weaker they are at everything else.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    Glad, because I’m not alone.
    Sad, because I’m not alone.


    And without the blog, I wouldn’t know.

    But as far as I can see it, I’m extending my lifespan by not working for those types.

    In addition…at last experience good night sleep… and completely free from retardation.

    What I don’t understand is how can anybody in a certain position, an education coordinator talking about technology in the classroom without any computer training on technology at all… where bytes and megabytes are considered technical? hahaha!

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