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To Write A Book – 2009 Revisited

First Published on: Nov 5, 2007 @ 17:46

Revisited: January 2009

Inspired by the writer -Flesh and Blood! Not Ones and Zeros! Not in the Matrix! But in real life!

Getting connected…

The Waiting Room by Albert Sgambati

Not long ago, I blog about  “How to write a book: Almost” published under Support at

Write a Book

Support: Write a Book

Here is the instruction on how to write a book using WordPress.bkinamaking.gif
1. Create 3 pages and name them, front, index and chapters.

  • Reinforcement 1– Open MSPaint and draw a shape of a book.
  • Reinforcement 2 – Open GIMP and draw  a tree. See sample here.
  • Reinforcement 3 – Draw the picture below.

The picture of the old Dashboard

WP Update: Dashboard Changed

Identify the new Dashboard

Identify the new Dashboard

By following the steps below will produce a front cover, an index and the actual chapters.

  1. Create a new page from Pages -> Add New called “Front”.
  2. Create a new page from from Pages -> Add New called “Index”.
  3. Create a new page from Pages -> Add New called “Chapters”.
  4. Go to Settings -> ReadingUnder Front page displays, choose A static page.Set “Front” as the Front page.Set “Chapters” as the Posts page.

For memory sake go…


2. Go to Options > Reading Make “Book Front” the front of the blog.

I don’t like the result. I refused to make “Book Front” the front’s blog. I will leave the way they are.

Home | Book Front | Profile

3. “Make “chapters” have the posts.” What? Yes, I did not get it. So I continued.

4. On “Book Front” make one link to “index” “Contents” page

Seconds later:
Testing link, testing…

Result: Link was created to Content page.

5. Write a post – your Chapter 1. Publish it. Copy the URL of the post.

Here is my post’s link – My Chapter 1.

6. Edit “Contents” and place a link to Chapter 1

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each one listed below.



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