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A Tribute Campaign: Certified Senior Bloggista


Where do I BEGIN?

Step 1: Know thy originator. Her name is Jennifer – a Filipina. (Just a thought: Ang dalagang Pilipina, parang tala sa umaga. Kung tanawin ay nakaliligaya…Phil. song which I forgot and I have no time to search for the lyrics)

Step 2: Read the “How to join in this campaign” in other words, RTFI.

Step 3: *Optional  – I recommend you should join the community. These are very interesting bloggers. However, if you don’t find them interesting you can “scram” the community at any time.

  • *You can Join the community by scrolling down (slowly) and to your right hand side, you will see the screenshot similar to the one below.
Jens Community

Jennifer's Community: Jen is a Filipina. She is the originator of the CSB or Certified Senior Bloggista - Viva La Filipina!

  • *Clicking the Plus (+) sign will bring you to…Yahoo MyBlogLog


Step 4: Go to Jennifer’s website and read the required year/experience of blogging as specified. Qualifications: 1 year to two years of blogging experience.

Step 5: Create tags as recommended: certified senior bloggista, tribute campaign for senior bloggista. See sample below.

Tags for Tribute Campaign

Step 6: According to the instruction:

You have to discuss on how you started as a blogger.

How did I start as a blogger? Around 2006, I joined the fascinated with CMS. At that time, I was a newbie Mambo user and mambo forum er “tagged” by the Mambo Gurus as newbie helping newbies. Hey, that was the height of the Mambo-Joomla! schism and  nobody was there except few of us who keep the faith alive. Helping out others at the forum was just our expression of giving back to the community and a real hands-on elearning experience for me.

After six months or a year when I understood where Joomla! community was heading, I joined the Joomla! forum too. Right at that time, I met WordPress.  To make my story short, I started blogging hours after Joomla! Beta 2 was opened for download and testing. You can read it under “Blogger’s Profile.”

Step 7: According to the instruction:

Write a tribute for all the senior bloggista that you know. Write something about their blog’s on how much you like their contributions in the blogosphere.

Tribute to Senior Bloggers (1 -2 years of experience with or without the badge)

  1. Painuminmoko(TM): Cool lady. A Filipina blogger and the originator of this Tribute Campaign: Certified Senior Bloggista. She is creative. I like her idea and I supported her campaign. She introduced me to the Filipino Community of Bloggers.
  2. The Filipino GIMP: Mr. Abogado ang nagmamay-ari ng coolest Filipino Gimp guy. that I met. The first Filipino who visited this blog. His has a vast resources of GIMP tutorials and goody stuff. He is an avid supporter of the Open Source Software. I used his blog for my GIMP project..
  3. Eksith – One of the coolest techie guys who visited  and shared his expertise to my blog;  if he found something interesting. He  always pushed the right button and put  words into perspective. This is the guy who claimed to be a programmer and a technologist at the same time hates computers and technology.
  4. I will add more to this list.

Step 8: Copy and Paste the code visible to the site’s visitor.

Step 9: Leave Jen a message so she will know.

Step 10: No HTML editing and spread the words.

Step 11: Done!


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5 Responses

  1. eksith says:

    Thank you! 😀
    I’m glad to have dropped by.

    Yes, I remember that big fight between the Joomla/Mambo camps. But in the end it all turned out to be for the best. We got another cool CMS out of it, and Mambo’s core code has vastly been improved as well.

    Never hurts to have more choice!

    • ultimoAdios says:

      I agree. Hey, why I always agree of what you have to say? Where is the resistance? Where is the descent? Where is the rebellion? No, not necessary because you are right. That is the advantage and the disadvantage of the Open Source Movement. The freedom to fork.

  2. eksith says:

    “why I always agree of what you have to say?”
    Great minds think alike? 😉

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