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Why Even Bother?

And give  Joomla! haters in my blog the breathing space.

Why not?

Is there a law prohibiting Joomla! haters not to be heard?

Many more haters will come you know, because their interests are threatened. They would blog evil things about Joomla!  because that is just what they are.

But make no mistakes “you haters”, the Open Source Movement is here to stay.

In my opinion, you haters should exist and resist to make our faith in ideals of the Open Source Movement more stronger.

Who said that it is an easy ride to give away FREE SOFTWARE TO ALL MANKIND?

You haters are the test of our faith. Keep it up!

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Forum.Joomla.Org Statistics

I will leave you this reading from the Joomla Forum entitled “Joomla is getting uppity.”

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In the U.S.A., every 19th day of February, we the people, celebrate Martin Luther King's day.

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