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The difference between tags and categories

categories1.pngwp-logo.pngCategories according to WordPress FAQ are the descriptions of the topics I posted.

Default Categories side bar is represented in that image – – – – – – >

I have more than thirty listings in my homepage a confirmation of what the WordPress FAQ explains as;

“That lead to very long category lists inside the blog, very long lists in sidebars.”

To avoid the unavoidable growth from growing, Tag or tag came in to the picture. Actually, I guess that is not the only reason why there is tag. The WP-FAQ mentioned about confusion as it says;

“It was also confusing in that what we said were categories others said were tags. So now we have tags as well.”

The difference when I assigned Tags and Categories to a particular post is that Tags are located at the bottom of the page as seen below,


while Categories are located at the side bar.

The similarity I found is that I could see both options Categories and/or Tags whenever I am at Write Post mode and both options are not visible when I am at the Write Page mode.


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