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“You” are just another brick in the wall


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  1. eksith says:

    I remember watching “The Wall” movie when I was a kid (I was probably too young for it). I’ve ever seen anything so bizarre in my life since then.

    Goes to show what a strange effect music can have on the imagination.

    This is a Rock Opera of sorts.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    You saw this when you were a kid? Really? lol! No wonder. (in a good way).

    I never let my kid watch this video, not yet.

    I remember watching/listening “The Wall” when I was in my first year college.

    • eksith says:


      Actually it was showing late at night on TV and I was quietly watching in my room when I should have been in bed. 😉

      College age is the right time to watch something like this. There are so many social overtones that you can only truly appreciate it when you understand the context.

      • ultimoAdios says:

        With locked doors of course while parents were either working or snoring in the other room. hahaha.

        I grew up in a remote town in the Philippines without electricity and without radio in our house. The only music I heard was from our neighbor’s.

        Besides it was the darkest moment of Phil. history. The country was under Martial Law.(Marcos Era).

        • ultimoAdios says:

          There are so many social overtones that you can only truly appreciate it when you understand the context.

          Yes, I agree. In fact, I embedded this youtube video because I could relate it in my workplace that seemed terrorized by those who are power or in-charged.

          Believe it or not this workplace is located in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

          Either they are idiots or undereducated. No idea. But I think, the workers in that factory has no protection from these predators (supervisor, education coordinators and senior exec.). The workers have no Union. That is why they can abuse the workers who are professionals by the way.

          They usually used words such as “unprofessional”. Some warned you to be very afraid of the supervisor and the senior executive.

          Worst they want you to be afraid of your colleagues because they are puppets.

          Of course these puppets usually run to their mamas if they have problems. hahaha!

  3. eksith says:

    I don’t think there’s any cure for a power trip short of removing the power.

    Silent exposure of work conditions is the best way to overhaul a situation like this. This is where whistle-blowers come into play.

    • ultimoAdios says:

      Eksith, thank you very much!

      I am not sure but I really believe the importance of a unionized workers.

      At least you have a defender. You don’t have to wait for the mercy of those in power. shall we say power trippers.

      I like the silent exposure concept.

  4. marem says:

    there is nothing in the world I enjoy more than learning. In fact, i’d rather be learning now!

    • ultimoAdios says:

      Learning is a continuing process… it is a life-long commitment.

      You have no idea how difficult it is to deal with the illiterates of the 20th century. As what they said, “illiterates now are not those who cannot read and write but those who don’t want to learn and re-learn…”

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