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Learning Stuff

learninStuffThe purpose of this page is to document the stuff that I have been learning today, tomorrow and in the near future.

As you can see I’ve been struggling for the title of this page. There was a time when I named this page Book Front, then Me@Work but for now I settle with Learning Stuff.

Learnin’ Stuff 1: How to…

Objective: To write a book using the instruction “How to write a book, Almost.(Step by step Instruction from WordPress FAQ)” Read this entry

gimpLearnin’ Stuff 2: GIMP

Objective: To learn how to use GIMP.
Little Intro: I’ve known GIMP about months ago. I read about it. I’ve seen its capability. I even installed GIMP but never produced anything from it. Why should I? — no further explanation.

Topics included:

Beginners: Familiarizing GIMP — my way or no way!

  1. My GIMP’s First Encounter: Upload/Download: Introducing GIMP
  2. My GIMP’s First Project Part 1: Drawing Technique
  3. My GIMP’S First Project Part 2: The Tree – GIMP’S WAY! Link updated: 12/15/08

guitar_shadow.pngLearnin Stuff 3: Bohemian Rhapsody — Guitar

Based on Edgar Cruz’ YouTube Video
Self-help: My way or no way!
by UltimoAdios

The positions I’ve learned so far:

Note: I feel the need to ask permission to use the images from the video. On hold for now.

logonewoop.gifLearning Stuff 4: Learn How to Use

1. Writer — Word Processor

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  1. ultimoAdios says:

    Is it? No, this is just the beginning. The concept acquired in this exercise will now be used for a purpose. What would that be? As Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is much more important than knowledge.” Let thy imagination flies? Whatta!

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