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On Wise FTP

In this entry I will talk about FTP or file transfer protocol particularly WiseFtp as one of the tools I have been using for uploading and downloading files to my webserver. You can read more about File Transfer protocol at wikipedia website. There are plenty of ftp applications out there that I can choose from, but I choose Wiseftp among all the others.wiseftp_image

Why wiseftp?
I have no particular reasons why I choose wiseftp except that my web host recommended it, and supplied a direct download link from their Control Panel. Now, that I am used to wiseftp, I stayed with it without exploring the others.

Where to find wiseftp?
You can check out wise-ftp at the wise-ftp website where you can read more information about wiseftp and maybe download the free version of this software. The site has a support forum too. You have questions? They have the answers. What are the forums for right?

WiseFTP Usefulness
I use wiseftp to upload files to the webhost server. I also use it to download files from the web host to my local computer. Basically, wiseftp is very useful for uploading and downloading files over the Internet. I also use wiseftp, if I needed to chmod or change permission to directories.

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5 Responses

  1. ultimoAdios says:

    Note: This entry was originally published to my wordpress 2.1.1 administered live website.

  2. sabqat9 says:

    Have you ever tried FireFTP? This is the program I use to work on my website. It is a plugin for Firefox and in additional to being more or less a FTP workhorse, it reduces the number of open programs on your taskbar. For me, it comes in great when editing pages – you load it up – switch tabs – check your new webpage – see it if is working – find a problem – switch tabs again – without using a lot of system resources on your computer.

    There a million FTP (Ok hundreds . . . but who’s counting) programs out there – but I find FireFTP convenient and easy to use.

  3. ultimoAdios says:

    No, FireFTP never came up to my radar until you mentioned it here even though Firefox is my primary browser. Thank you for sharing your experience with FireFTP. Now that you’ve mentioned it? I will give it a try.

  4. j6m3s says:

    You don’t really need ftp like wise, smart, fire and e.t.c ftps, you can type directly the ftp’s address.

  5. ultimoAdios says:

    Just a reminder maybe your host is forgiving but with mine, I could not connect via browser’s address bar. Denied access four times convinced me to use the recommended ftp apps. No question ask.

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