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Resource: Ubuntu forums talking about GIMP

A year ago today, my nyjoomla GIMP interface -file was referred to one of the Ubuntu Forum threads.

Blog can be resource to others:



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GIMP: In The Hands Of An Artist

Due to busy schedule, the GIMP drawing technique I was documenting is on hold for now. However, if you happened to wonder what an artist (which I am not) could do using GIMP to manipulate graphics, please check out AmyStephen’s blog about GIMP. Please click the image below to see what’s waiting for you.


Screenshot from website

An inspiration for those who want to use GIMP!

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GIMP’s Saving File – The Tip of the Day!

tip-of-day.pngLevel: Beginner

Today’s GIMP Tip of the day is so far the easiest tip to understand and a very important one. The tip is about saving an image. It reads, Read the rest of this entry »

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“The Tree” – The GIMP’S way

As a GIMP learner, the final drawing has given me a perspective on how to present the GIMP’s graphics manipulation capability for a simple drawing of a tree straight from the book. You can read my first post here.


Level: Beginner
Skills learned:
Creating Layers, Using Drawing Tool: Brush, Saving Files with different file extensions, Creating directory and familiarizing  ‘The Toolbox Window”, “The Layers Dialog”, and “The Image Window”.

My proposed process on how to create the FileName:MyTree if ever I would do it again “blind folded”. Read the rest of this entry »

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GIMP: First Project – Drawing Technique

GIMP Project Level: Beginnergimp-apress.gif

The completed first project is taken from the book Beginning GIMP: From Novice To Professional Copyright by Akkana Peck, APRESS.

The image below (tree) is the preview of the drawing project that I finished by following the instruction.


As far as I am concerned, there are at least three parts for this project. First part is how to draw the tree. The second part is drawing a box. The third part is planting the tree in the box.

The author was right. Drawing a tree as she puts it;

“is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of art experience”

and most of all the techniques used for this drawing are valuable skills for a starting GIMP user.

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Hello World! Year:2009 (PI)

This is my WordPress blog and I am using Theme: Grid Focus.

The screen shot below is the "Grid Theme Focus" Basic Architecture

Grid Focus

This side bar belongs to Primary-Index.

At the time of this writing, I was listening MLK's 1963 "I have a dream" speech.

In the U.S.A., every 19th day of February, we the people, celebrate Martin Luther King's day.

martin luther king

Watch PBS: The American Experience for inspiration.

The Barack Obama effect

Bush era ends: the legacy of ...

Inauguration trip to DC: What a day!

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