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Target of affection: Moodle

Moodle is just an application. Call it, web application. No doubt, it is a web application. It is also called CMS or Course Management System.

Techie talk:
A reading from the book  “Using Moodle” Teaching Popular Open Source Course Management System by Jason Cole and Helen Foster. O’REILLY:COMMUNITY PRESS.

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Moodle from start to finish


My Moodle folder/directory: images and the installation files - ready to go. just waiting for the signal.

I found an Archive of Moodle Posts here from start to finish. This is also the same blog where I found this.

I really enjoyed reading the entire saga and keep on coming back for more inspiration.

Thank you.

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Article password protected: Sample 1

Here is the sample of the password protected blog entry.


On Moodle

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The eLearning place to be: lets get this party started

I’ve been following this blog for a while now and it is time to acknowledge its relevance to what lies ahead.
I like what I read in that blog. There are concepts that are really important to know  and helpful because most are focused on users’ LMS  experiences/cases/scenarios. Most of all, the blogger really knows what he is talking about – a great resource when implementing LMS – consider it a guide.

Of course, LMS does not exist just a concept – it needs a platform. I should have chosen ATutor the Blackboard’s “best friend” but Moodle it is – plain and simple without further explanation.

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