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Teamwork;+collaboration, +sharing= avalanche of what?

This is great or what? Just in time when I needed it. Something about collaboration, sharing, teamwork, working together, something with an impact…a cry for battle! … give me one! and it came…

Just like that!

Check out number 7 of 7 More Things You Didn’t Care to Know About Me

7) I have the following motivational poster at my cube/blog, to remind me to play well with others. (image courtesy of




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2 Responses

  1. Teamwork is so important. Precise Edit would not exist without team commitment and team collaboration! What makes our team so effective? Great communication. We couldn’t call ourselves “editors” if we didn’t have good communication skills.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    Hi Alina Padilla! thank you for the feedback. What an honor to have you here.

    I would like to make this disclosure policy pronouncement – – charged to ethical value we bloggers are following.

    Disclosure: I ultimoadios has no connection to the Precise Edit website and/or with their business and/or Precise Edit has got to do with nyjoomla website.

    However, PRESICE EDIT website has a lot to offer especially in terms of writing/editing/proofreading. To know more about Precise Edit please visit the website. Thank you.

    For me, friendship is one of the most important part that must not be ignored in collaboration with others. Ringing in my head right now is the last words I heard from that Friday meeting I attended on May 1st 2009. Here is the ringtone. /We (according to the presiding officer) are here not to make friends with our colleagues – – We are here to teach without being friendly with each other, and for me that is against my principle and the principle of social networking. That comment from the higher authority must be the silliest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire professional working experience. That was so alarming to me, so I walked out and resigned in that HOSTILE work place.

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