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GIMP: First Project – Drawing Technique

GIMP Project Level: Beginnergimp-apress.gif

The completed first project is taken from the book Beginning GIMP: From Novice To Professional Copyright by Akkana Peck, APRESS.

The image below (tree) is the preview of the drawing project that I finished by following the instruction.


As far as I am concerned, there are at least three parts for this project. First part is how to draw the tree. The second part is drawing a box. The third part is planting the tree in the box.

The author was right. Drawing a tree as she puts it;

“is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of art experience”

and most of all the techniques used for this drawing are valuable skills for a starting GIMP user.

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  1. Ori says:

    I haven’t seen many tutorials on the net that go into so much depth as this book.
    Nor as user friendly as the book’s content.

    The Cowmics Project Infinite Cows – Infinite Possibilites

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