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“The Tree” – The GIMP’S way

As a GIMP learner, the final drawing has given me a perspective on how to present the GIMP’s graphics manipulation capability for a simple drawing of a tree straight from the book. You can read my first post here.


Level: Beginner
Skills learned:
Creating Layers, Using Drawing Tool: Brush, Saving Files with different file extensions, Creating directory and familiarizing  ‘The Toolbox Window”, “The Layers Dialog”, and “The Image Window”.

My proposed process on how to create the FileName:MyTree if ever I would do it again “blind folded”.

1. Open GIMP
2. Create a new layer with white background, MySize= width:420px and height:300px
3. Create six more layers with transparent background. I followed some of the book’s naming convention to describe tree’s properties e.g. trunk, branches, leaves, young leaves, e.t.c

The layers should look like the one below.


4. Drawing The Trunk

Note: Before I draw, I should always remember to click first the layer where I draw my object in this case the trunk layer.

Drawing Tool: Paint Brush


To be continued…


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