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Blog on “I hate Joomla!”

For sure not everybody loves Joomla!hate_it.jpg

I guess this is what they called “either you hate it? or love it!”

But what is alarming about this “I hate blog” was the accusations pointing towards the hardworking Joomla! community.

Here is part of the entry,

…they are outright thieves and liars. Their “product” is nothing more than a rebranding of an existing CMS… I prefer to call it a spoon with a hole.

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2 Responses

  1. […] 11, 2008 ..and give a breathing space the Joomla! haters in my blog especially when the claims are ridiculous and baseless, pure black propaganda against those thriving […]

  2. Deva says:


    i recently herd alot about hating joomla!,

    first you can check my new (first ever) css gallery made with Joomla!

    i dont understand why they hate joomla, i think they are so used to wordpress that when they go to other cms they thing about blogging with that, joomla can blog or manage contents very easily even better than any other cms.

    the example is my website itself i made it with joomla the only plugin is used is votitaly and Rsform


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