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Maybe Someday!

The Positions

First position: The A F# and E


I practice until I heard the sound — yes! that sound.

Second position: Eb(or D#) = 8th_fret{third_string}, F#=7th_fret, and A

Third Position: F#, Middle Finger is playing what note?, A

Fourth Position: F#, B, D# or Eb

Practice! Practice! Practice!

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Note: This should belong to Learning Stuff page.


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3 Responses

  1. shavon says:

    great! why can’t you just watch the video and follow the instruction? what you’re suggesting is too much work.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    Hi there sha! welcome back! Yes, you are right. Too much work and a loong way to go but that is how I do it.

    Beside my suggestion is better than saying “hey, do you know where to find tabs for this piece? I really want to know how to play this on my guitar” or “Dude! tab for that song please!” which I know they don’t give you for free.

    So my alternative is here. Take a snapshot of what this guy is doing –position by position and just practice.

  3. j6m3s says:

    Cool! I like the way how you do it. Am I expecting more tabs? Hoping for more! 🙂

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