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Maybe someday: Part 2

I happened to love Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and followed my own blog entry entitled: Can I do this? and up to this time can comfortably play the positions posted at my blog’s entry entitled: Maybe Someday: Positions , now here is the next position from the last one.

The 5th position see below.

Guitar Position Part 2

5th position:

  • G#/Ab {4th_fret} //first finger
  • E {5th_fret} //second finger
  • D {7th_fret} //third finger

and the 6th position see below

the sixth position

6th position

  • A {4th_fret} //first finger
  • D {7th_fret} //third finger
  • F#{7th_fret} //fourth finger

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