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GIMP — The First Encounter

Objective: In this exercise I describe the process how GIMP got into my PC.
Allotted time: It depends how fast you read.
Level of Experience: Beginner.

Let the learning experience begins.

1. I downloaded GIMP.

2. I installed GIMP.

3. I launched GIMP.

4. I read the Tip of the day! As seen below.

Gimp Tip GraphicTip: Welcome to the GNU Manipulation Program!
image GIMP allows you to undo most changes to the image, so feel free to experiment.

5. Close Tip of the day.

Right there, GIMP! — My first encounter.

WOOOOO!What a foreign looking interface. Let me see if I could understand the features.

The GIMP interface:
File Xtns Help => Three Menus

file-xtns-help.pngToolbar Icons: To name a few
Row1-> Rectangle Select Tool:Select the rectangular region (R) //what the heck is (R)?

Ellipse Select Tool: Select an elliptical region (E) //Now it is an E.

Free Select Tool: Select a hand-drawn region (F) //I guess I know what those letters stand for. Is there something more? surprise me!

What about this one?layers-channels-patterns.png

Well, its says in the window’s title Layers, Channels Patterns.

Should I click the close button what will happen?

Once closed how can I turn it back?

Answer: File – Preferences – Window Management – Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values.

Task: Using The Paste command.
Objective 2: I want to copy a bitmap and paste it to GIMP.

To Paste an image to the GIMP
Go to File – Acquire – Paste as new

Paste an image to the GIMP

A new window opens with the image.

Mission Accomplished:

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