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What did I do?

There are six images. The dimensions of these pictures are 3072×2304.


All in all, the file size is about 21.16 megabytes. You want to send these pictures through email.

Solution as you see fit:

Here is mine.
1. Put all the pictures in a folder.

2. Compressed/Zipped the folder.


unzipped folder- – ->zipped folder

3. Open email account and attach the compressed/zipped folder. In this hands-on exercise, I used the MSN account.


4. Sorry it didn’t work. Why? The file is too large!


To save face and time: Knowing that you cannot attach file in your MSN or Hotmail account more than 10.0 MB is important.

What about the Yahoo account?


Don’t even think about it.

Final solution:

  1. Create 3 folders.
  2. Put two images on each folder.
  3. Zip the folders.
  4. Attach the zip folders.

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  1. madename says:

    It works. Thanks!

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