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Google Doc, What is it?

The idea of collaborating documents online with friends and colleagues had started when I joinedoffice-live-workspace.gif Microsoft Office Live Space at

When I saw how Microsoft Office Live Space works, I shifted my attention to what google has to offer in terms of collaboration and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentation through the gmail account.


Collaboration using Google Docs:

Believe it or not, I never used Google Doc through all these months. In fact, I did not even click the link to see what it was until I had the reason to use it.

Google Doc by the way is Free!

The Google Document link can be accessed by logging in to the Google Gmail account.

Change this under Settings

My 2009 Google Theme: Change this under Settings

Please look at the upper left hand side when you are logged in to your Gmail account.

Google Document location:

Upper left corner


Gmail Window

The Documents link as seen below.


Clicking the Documents link opens a page as seen below. You can click the image to see the enlarged image.


This is where I shared my document to a friend. I invited a friend whom I trusted and see how this Google Doc works. Yes, I could just attach my file, end of story. But I don’t want to end that way. I want to use the Google Doc.

Please review this link:

I am hoping that after watching the video, someone will take a second look to my invitation.

Video added:


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