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Writers Guild Strike 2007: Two Concepts

Writers Guild 2007 StrikeWho cares what I think? I am just an ordinary person. Ordinary, so ordinary, yet the target of advertisement. How many ordinary persons are there in this world? I don’t want to count but for sure I am one of them who watches television shows that sell multi – million advertisements.

The writers guild strike of America is about share of the pie.How big is the asking share? Here is what I can tell, according to the concept, the capitalists or the landowners or the landlords or the hacienderos, or the big business, or the stockholders should always have the big share amongst all men. What give them the right is based on the argument that says “thankfully, with their capital the whole production just keeps on going. In addition, think, they gamble their money (capital) hoping to have big returns.” Remember, gamblers don’t always win.

I witnessed through historical data that many lives were sacrificed to get rid of that concept. The concept sways a little bit but not entirely because it is what it is. The writers guild strike is a reminder that the clash of two concepts is now in the making. The strike is the action by which such concept tries to tweak for the share. Again, it depends how big. At the end there should be a compromise between these two, so ordinary people can enjoy the show.

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