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Kudos to those who made in the workforce

The other day two friends of mine who visited me  all the times, made their way to the workforce! They were hired just in time when I was beginning to doubt that hope is just an illusion. Wrong! It is not!

I don’t have to see 100 million job seekers to enter into the workforce. All I need is one or two and you two bros are my heros!

Once again, kudos to you my friends  who were hired in this most challenging times – amidst cuts and lay offs. You were there in the right place and in the right time. The job was really for you.

Your experience have reminded me  that opportunity comes in a most amazing way. Luck or not, I am glad you shared your success with me.

Yes, I am so happy for you and glad to share with everybody your success stories.  Your story is the testament that job opportunities are still there –looming and waiting for the right moment.

You got it! Yes, you did!

This blog entry is dedicated just for you. Say hi, once in a while will you?

Thank you!


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