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EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Bloggers’ Defender?

Please, don’t ask me. Do your research. Once your research is done, please leave your comments/feedback/thoughts.

Your thoughts are important to me so you can help us answer the  question – As a blogger, do I really need a defender such as EFF?

What do I care?

I already have my disclaimer.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Frontier

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6 Responses

  1. eksith says:

    A little while ago, I made a rather infuriated post about a particular “con-artist”. Of course another blogger got very concerned that I may be inviting a potential lawsuit.

    The fact remains that, as bloggers, we’re not private citizens any more. We have become public figures. That is the price we pay for putting our thoughts into print so-to-speak.

    And public figures will face some sort of trouble one time or another when it comes to civil liberties. Especially the freedom of speech. One would think this sort of thing really doesn’t need to be defended, but in fact, it is the most threatened of all rights. On a nearly constant basis, we’re facing censorship of some sort. Some times, it’s even self-censorship.

    No one who threatens rights will ever stand for them with others in any venue.

    Organizations like the EEF are a vital part of everyday life for bloggers and, indeed, all public writers in this new medium.

    • ultimoAdios says:

      Self-censorship. I like that.

      Sometimes? I don’t think so.

      In my case, most of the time – especially here in my blog.

      I should include in my disclaimer that I will never blog gossips at work. That is the place to be respected. At work, I am more of an image consultant to the outside world. In my practice, I always make sure that I can only see good things in workplace because good things are really happening. What can I say.

      I should always think that I will not cross that line. I should not cross the boundary where I have to call EFF and ask for help.

      But for bullies? Yes, I know my rights. I have a defender. Please read the Bloggers Rights.
      Bloggers Rights:

      • eksith says:

        But that’s something I could not do.

        I speak the way I feel, whether in real life or online. I always show one face to all.

        What I write is how I speak. And if how I speak will rub someone the wrong way, then they need to understand that I have the right to say what I want to say.

        I don’t gossip. I don’t spread lies about people. And I most definitely will not defame or libel someone. But I will give my opinion on any subject or person. Sometimes that opinion may not be very flattering.

        It isn’t about protecting my image. It’s about protecting my principles.

        • ultimoAdios says:

          I see your point. As always you express it good. But again, sometimes as you said censorship is necessary and acceptable but always is impossible. Cool!

          • eksith says:

            “you said censorship is necessary and acceptable but always is impossible”

            Nope 😉

            I’m saying censorship is never acceptable or even necessary for a society that claims to value free speech. But they do it anyway for fear of retribution.

            I’m saying that fear should not exist.

            They should be able to say what they want to say when they want to say it.

            A truly free society need not fear free ideas.

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