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A message to IE 6.0 hard core users: AKA IE 7.0 non-compliance

Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 NOW!  The message is more on directive rather than request.  In fact reported that Norwegian websites declared war to these IE 6.0 fanatics.

Several large websites in Norway have launched an advocacy campaign urging Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 users to upgrade their outdated web browsers.

Wired.Com Headline

Blog.Wired.Com Headline

Leading the charge is, an eBay-like site that is apparently the largest site for buying and selling goods in all of Norway (Finn is Norwegian for “Find”). Earlier this week, posted a warning on its web page for visitors running IE 6. The banner, seen at right, urges them to ditch IE 6 and upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.

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One Response

  1. eksith says:

    Wow… That’s hardcore!

    I’m really surprised Norwegians are launching such an aggressive campaign. They’re usually very laid back and easy going people.

    But I suppose when security is at stake, as well as accessibility and semantics, they’re not taking any chances.

    I’ve always been very curious as to what percentage of bloggers use IE6 vs IE7 or Firefox. Then there are the other browsers available on Linux (quite a lot actually) as well as Safari for Mac.

    And then there’s the Opera browser, which is also from Norway.

    It’s a pity we don’t have browser stats like we do hit counts.

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