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Here comes the threaded comments

Word Press developers listened to the wp-bloggers community. Not a news! This is what Social Networking Developers are expected to do. This is true to WordPress  developers too .

How’s that for a starter?


Comment Threading is here: Read the entry

You asked, and we listened. Introducing threaded comments, comment paging, and comment order settings for your blog.

The demand was simple. Please give us the threaded comments.

For a while we managed alright.

The following steps before the Comment Threaded Settings:

  1. Edit
  2. Ctrl + End
  3. Type the respond
  4. Add some html code such as blockquote/bold
  5. Update Post.
  6. Done!

The Change:

  1. Click Reply
  2. Type respond
  3. Click Submit
  4. Thank you!

To activate the Threading Comments

Go to Settings > Discussion in your dashboard, and you’ll discover three new options in the “Other comments settings” section:


Testing 1 2 3…


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  1. eksith says:

    We can start testing this feature right now 😉

    I always wondered… Why is your title “last goodbye”?

    • ultimoAdios says:

      I selected 3.

      Why my title “UltimoAdios?”
      I guess, it is just similar when you pick your title “Eksith.” There is something in the title that we can relate with. It is so personal.

      • eksith says:

        Well “Eksith” is personal in that it is my real name 😉

        I suppose there’s some secret story behind yours. It’s cool if you want to keep that part to yourself.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    Yap, keep that part to ourselves – – MYSTERY!
    To ourselves that is.

    This test is over.

    I will extend nested comments levels deep to 10.

    @eksith – – thanks for the participation. You once again came at the right time. You are such a sport.

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