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Twitter: tweet, follow and being followed

Hard to swallow? Then don’t MELLOW! because BROWN stays AROUND…Avoid Twitter altogether!  However, it is so easy to do if there are twitters whom you know – – from social networking community – collectively working with projects such as Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Joomla! Mambo! Drupal! WordPress! Moodle!

 "Tweet", says this Tweeter.

"Tweet", says this Tweeter.

My involvement in Joomla! Community through its Forums made my Twitter experience so easy.  If for example, I did  not join and participate forums community such as Joomla!  – I don’t really know what to do?

My experience in twitter made easy.  I followed the familiar names, nickNames, aliases and avatars. Avatars and Nicks are USERS’ Brand Names: Much easier to recognize them.

Following them!

Twitters who in one way or another help propelled the Internet revolution. Twitter! is not what it is now if there are no Twitters! Let the hype proves itself that it is not...

Am I ready to Tweet? That is the 2009 question. President Day, that is!  In America, we the PEOPLE celebrate this day as our Presidents’ Day. It is an  AMERICAN NATIONAL  HOLIDAY.

If you are still employed then enjoy the day with pay!

To follow basic Question: Do you know them?  These Twitters —>
Knowing them:
This concept of KNOWING  cannot be understood if you are living in the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DIVIDE or in the CAVE for years or never used a computer up to this time – sadly, a known reality where I have to deal every day but luckily for helping to crush the divide through education – integrating technology in the classroom: the use of information and technology as the standard – is quite fulfilling. Quite fulfilling just like coding, blogging, sharing at the forums, documentation and just plain Internet users amassed with information.

SMS Technology

SMS Technology

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