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Wow! College for Children?

Is this for real? I guess it is.


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2 Responses

  1. eksith says:

    It’s very tricky.
    This should only happen if the child has the opportunity to interact with other children (which seems to be the case here). And even then to a moderate degree.

    Children should have a normal (as in playing with others of the same age group, ordinary interactions etc…) upbringing at a young age. We overlook this often, especially when the child is intelligent. But it may have long term effects that we not foresee until the child is an adult.

    I know it may seem like the child is being “held back” so to speak and there are parents out there who are really tempted to place a child in an advanced classes, but what’s the cost of steaming ahead? It may be a lot more than anticipated.

    Even brilliant children are very impressionable, so we have to be very careful where and how far we should push them in academia.

    A child is not and never will be an adult until enough time has elapsed and plenty of exposure to the world has been given.

    We must remember that, no matter what.

    ultimoadios says:
    True, true: Thanks!

  2. ekspekt says:

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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