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My WordPress Blog: Page Load Error!

Please check if you experience Page Load Error! when Primary – Page > Most Read Post Links are accessed.

What causes the problem?

What causes the problem?

Causing the load page error?

Causing the load page error?

My recommended solution to avoid any inconvenience/annoyance to our visitors  is to remove the Widget. If you have any better idea please stand up!

If this problem really bothers you (which I am not), go and visit the WordPress Forums and ask for help. Make sure you read and understand this:

4. Please Try to Search Past Forum Threads
If you can’t find a satisfactory answer from the FAQ, the chances are pretty high that your blogging troubleshooting has been experienced before, which is why all past threads are never deleted for the purpose of education for future users. Three attempts at the search button of the forums should lead you to the right thread, but you have to be a little specific and not just type one-letter searches to narrow down the search result. Self’s favourites are the threads marked [closed] because they’re usually juicy and dramatic threads.

Or read: 8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums

Hours ago another error page was encountered:

503 Error


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