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Personal call:Dear, Dean Jorge Jacobo

Thanks for the invitation. One month had passed since the day you left the message here.

Rizalista og ako (Rizalist and I)

Rizalista og ako (Rizalist and I)

“Please join the conversation on Rizal at Filipino Voices.
As the Catholic Taliban Sing Hallelujah”

“Catholic Taliban?” I know exactly what you mean.

Before I went to the referred website, I visited your blog.


Here is the snap shot of your website/blog

Reminder of where I come from

I find "My Retreat" so refreshing during and after the reading. Beautiful!

Blogging Recruiting Tool

“Pamugas bugas sa ta ani bay!”

Charged to life long learning skills: The use of technology in the classroom WordPress as our main tool! One college professor did just that! <link should be provided when becomes available>

Lesson 1: Technical Skills: Copy and Paste, trouble shooting HTML code.
Lesson 2: Reading, Writing and Blogging

Lecture concepts:
Look at in depth of what other bloggers are doing.
Be inspired by them and be their inspiration too.
Social Networking practices
Blogging is not for everyone: I know one

Test your template knowledge: Identify the template’s name.

WP-Template name: _____.
Give a snap shot of your blog’s template.

Reading for this blog exercise:

“It was early morning, December 30, 1896, and the bright sunshine of the tropics streamed down upon the open space, casting hard fantastic shadows, and drenching with its splendor two crowds of sightseers. The one was composed of Filipinos, cowed, melancholy, sullen, gazing through hopeless eyes at the final scene in the life of their great countryman–the man who had dared to champion their cause, and to tell the world the story of their miseries; the other was blithe of air, gay with the uniforms of officers and the bright dresses of Spanish ladies, the men jesting and laughing, the women shamelessly applauding with waving handkerchiefs and clapping palms, all alike triumphing openly in the death of the hated ‘Indian,’ the ‘brother of the water-buffalo,’ whose insolence had wounded their pride.”

WP- Basic Tech skill:

Additional exercise:  > Visual >Copy>Paste;  which I tried and that did not work. Blavatar did not show up.  Line of code is missing. Then the result is…

  1. Please join the conversation on Rizal at Filipino Voices.
    As the Catholic Taliban Sing Hallelujah

    We’d love to hear your voice!

    <deleted my comment>

<Enter twice>

Compared to the successful result.

Sample of what I am trying to do from sabqat9.

  1. sabqat9 says:

    Thanks for reminding us of the strength and courage of those who have gone before us. Thanks also for making me think again after walking through the fog of Christmas holidays. I learned about another great figure in history and we can only hope to emulate his example. It’s strange how a final goodbye from a community leader can ring through the ages while the proclamations and edicts of a hundred kings, queens and princes are easily forgotten.

    ultimoadios says:
    Thanks for your reflection. That is deep.

Any way, I have a lot to blog so I will end this with the snapshot of the website.

FILIPINO VOICES WEBSITE - What voices that might be?

FILIPINO VOICES WEBSITE - What voices that might be?

The search continues:

Philippine Commentary 2009!




Filipino Voices Website

Filipino Voices Website

Pres. elect Barack Obama Presidential Victory Speech Video


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