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WordPress Dashboard 101 – Blog Stats blog


Lesson 101: Stats

Learning by doing: Integrating technology in the classroom using Word press focusing on Dashboard | Blog Stats.

Words and symbols a learner should know or should be familiar with before going to the computer lab.

Advanced user/reader:

My Dashboard | Dashboard | Blog Stats | Referrers | Summarize: All Time

Intermediate user/reader:

Click My Dashboard – Click Dashboard – Click Blog Stats – Referrers – Summarize: All Time

Class instruction for beginners:

  1. Make sure that you are in My Dashboard page.
  2. Click  Dashboard if necessary.
  3. Move your mouse to the word that says “Blog Stats …moving once, click!…moving twice, another click!
  4. Please stop clicking. Wait until you see the arrow pointer turns into a hand.
  5. Click  Blog Stats,
  6. Click Referrers
  7. Go to Summarize
  8. Click All Time

Give a demo if necessary. List the materials used (hand-out, wireless, projector and or DVD Player – TV monitor)


ILA: answer the following questions below.

Source and inspiration:

Category: Social Networking, Social Media, Technology integration

Skills: Reading/Writing/Analyzing

Understanding My Dashboard. According to Word Press, Dashboard is the first screen you see when logging into the administration area of your blog.

Are you a Word Press ready? If not then go and follow the Getting Started Instruction.

Wordpress Dashboard

Wordpress Dashboard

The main idea of the dashboard is to give you a place where you can get an at a glance overview of what’s happening with your blog.

Question: Are you curious to know what is happening in your blog? If so then let us start with “Blog Stats.”

Disclaimer: The bulleted reaction listed below is fictional. There is no factual data to support such reactions – made up.

Anticipated reactions:

  • I am a private person; I don’t want to blog?
  • What is the purpose of this bullshit!
  • I don’t want to publish my writing because people will steal my work
  • Why should I tell the world what I am doing?
  • Am I getting paid with this?
  • Why do I have to do this? Is this necessary?
  • This is too hard!
  • Too, boring
  • What is a big deal about blog stats?
  • Who are you to tell me about blog stats!
  • You have no experience working with ABE-ESOL-ESL
  • I don’t know about computers
  • Please leave me alone!

What happened to taking responsibility to lifelong learning?

What happened to curiosity?

Share your story:

Theme: Connecting stories

My Sample Story

It sure seems to have worked so far.
That’s how we closed our meeting. It took one hour. No more, no less.
And to follow up that meeting we did something that was drilled into us at Camp Obama. We took the data from our “Sign Up Sheet” and entered into the Spreadsheet at our local community Google Doc.

“Change has come!”

“We must expect something without delay!”

Then it came!

There are hurdles along the way!

Change, we ask!

“Not that easy, because of different personalities, interpretations and perspectives –  not to mention some other beliefs beneath that subconscious mind. But respect be healed; hope prevailed for no – not?  means, yes, we can!” – ultimoadios on Pres. Obama

Strategy! strategy!

There is hope.

Not easy, but believe it can.

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