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I witnessed the day and many days after

In OUR own SPECIAL way. Thank you, Mr. President.

” We cannot afford distraction. We cannot afford delay.” – Pres. Barack Obama.1.26.09 ($825 billion stimulus)


Photographed from metro newyork, wednesday 21, 2009
*Special Inauguration Edition*

“Time to reaffirm idea of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness for all” – Pres. Obama

What a moment, huh!

What a moment, huh!

Photo copied from somewhere. Any claimant? Please stand up!

Some thoughts

I don’t write poems. You heard me in that room; one Friday afternoon. However, I took notes. I called it, documentation; that is how I  describe my blogging experience -pure documentation.
Break them apart and you will see what I meant.

My Notes:
Trip to DC for the occasion
by ultimoadios
Washington DC, U.S.A.
Inauguration Day

We witnessed the day!
Right before our eyes!
The rise of the wise!
And the demise of unwise!
Where I may say;
This is the historic momentous
Where change is more believable
That is the fuss!
“I was there!”
I witnessed the celebration of the PEOPLE!
Braved the frigid winter!
Spirit so High!
Away from the comfort of their homes

Enjoy the moment!
Because the day after this GREAT CELEBRATION!
Back to work!

In the World of Work!

Don’t mind me

I am just inspired by the MAN!

Illusion or not
It is still my call!
It is my conviction
Our call!

Our choice!

And the word destiny is a magnet of inspiration


Our destiny is not written for us, but by us
Pres. Barack Obama
44th U.S. President

The day after the 2009 election

Our share in history the day after the November 4, 2009 election

Looking back…

” So amazing, how we were connected with each other ;the power of social networking as it happened.”

Hey, guys! is this destiny or it is just me.

The blog entry entitled, ” Jan, Robert, Susan and me” is an example of how things work around here.

One way of finding each other is refer a relevant article to a blog. Daily Kos did just that.

One way of finding each other beside search is to refer a relevant article in your blog. Daily Kos did just that. The author kid oakland created a link to my blog entitled "Google Docs, What is it?" and since the publication there are 54 recorded hits.

Being grateful!

The use of blog stats to inform: to communicate and get connected in the open!

Guide for a classroom exercise: Dashboard > Blog Stats >

Stats: Joomla!NewYork

Daily Blog Stats:

The spike that caught our attentions!

What what that?

For real?

I have an idea why?

What is real to me is the small number just like this link referrer: incoming clicks 35 and incoming clicks 24 - Data taken from All Times High Referrers.

Referred article: Jan, Robert, Susan and me

Incoming link: 59 clicks accumulated from June 2008 – January 2009.

Jan, Robert, Susan and me

Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 05:53:54 PM PST

” My fellow Camp Obama veterans…Jan, Robert and Susan and I…held an organizing meeting in a local Oakland coffee shop the other night. ”

And to follow up that meeting we did something that was drilled into us at Camp Obama. We took the data from our “Sign Up Sheet” and entered into the Spreadsheet at our local community Google Doc.

Google Docs, What is it?

Google Docs, What is it? The nyjoomla article featured/linked in other website.

January 20, 2009
Inauguration day!

I was there!

Today, 20th of January 2009 was a big day for all the citizens of the world. Today Barrack Hussein Obama has been officially declared the 44th president of the US of A. Millions of people came to see and say, I have been there when history was written.

We were there!

The arrival : around 7:00 A.M


What a wonderful world!

Where is the Capitol? How far are we?

Where is the Capitol? How far are we?

By bus

Arrival in that historic momentous frigid morning

Arrival in that historic momentous frigid morning

The bus was parked along…

Ecking 1500/Harry Thomas..1200

Road signs: Ecking 1500/Harry Thomas..1200

Maps were available too.

Giving out Inauguration Day Walking Map (North Zone) Adrian M. Fenty, Mayor

The DC residents giving out Inauguration Day Walking Map , January 20, 2009 (North Zone) Adrian M. Fenty, Mayor and Dan Tangherlini, City Administrator

I asked for two maps. (One for keepsake and the other for the purpose).

Inauguration Day Walking Map

Inauguration Day Walking Map

Reading direction:

Map reading:


Where am I? Where am I going? How far am I from the Union Station? How far am I from the Capitol?

Big circle – Bus location
Small circle – Capitol
Smallest circle – Metro (center)

Smallest circle Union Station

Smallest circle Union Station

Two routes:

  • New York Ave NE
  • Florida Ave NE


Let us walk!

Father and son walking along New York Avenue NE - Cool!

Father and son walking along New York Avenue NE - Cool!

We braved that frigid morning


With the stream of people approaching the designated rendezvous, I felt the energy. We felt each others energy. We warmth each other in that frigid historic momentous.

Where is this crowd heading?

Where were we heading? To the mall... and some say this is the line for purple ticket holders.

I had never seen or I had never been in a huge crowd as this one.
The person behind me commented; “this is like a super bowl crowd!”
A super bowl crowd?

The DC crowd

I was in the crowd was not moving. I felt that it was getting tighter and tighter. I chickened out! I bailed out!

So I went far from the crowd and I blogged!

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