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WordPress Community is here to stay. Bloggers are popping up by the seconds each day. People come and go. Bye bye if  blogging is not for you.

Hope, you did not delete all your entries.

Keep the copies in case you change your mind.

See you around!

About Sabqat9

Sabqat9 enjoys writing and using the internet and contributing to reading material in the world wide web.

However, he is yet to find out for what use and benefit this activity will provide for himself or his reading public. He is just starting his blogging experience and hopefully will find a more focused goal for his activities. At the present time he is experimenting with the WordPress user account setup to jump start a hobby in developing his own personal blog. His long term goal is to establish, host, build, maintain and own his own blog at his own website. For the time being, he will continue experimenting with this blog and hopefully provide some meaningful material for the blogging public.

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Consummatum Est (It Is Finished)

Consummatum Est (It Is Finished)


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  1. eksith says:

    I think it’s probably because a lot of people are so used to pen and paper. If a mistake is made or you think it’s somehow not up to your standards, then you crumple it up and throw it away.

    Well, with blogging, that’s really not necessary. If experimentation is needed, then your drafts are always a better option.

    Chances are, there are multiple copies of what you intended to write or present in such a way anyway.
    Maybe it was just a sketch or maybe you thought of a better way to write it.

    I sometimes have 2 or 3 drafts of the same post, but I don’t delete any of them unless I’m absolutely sure I won’t be needing them again. Some of my drafts are from two years ago!

    You never know, sometimes those old drafts give you new ideas to write about something else.

    I think new bloggers are still getting used to the concept.

    ultimoadios says:
    I agree! Same here. I have the same point of view. But you said it well. Thanks!

    I still keep with me my 200 pages notebook and a pen as what the technical writing course requirement: drafts, notes, stickies and e.t.c. Notes way back 1990’s are fun to read too. Some are being developed while others are just thrown away or deleted.

    Blogging concept:
    You can take note in the cloud. You can publish, make private and just draft. No pen and paper necessary.

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