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The Blavatar

Featured Theme: Grid Focus

Blavatar Blog

Blavatar Blog

How to blavatar?

  • Step 1: Click My Dashboard
  • Step 2: Click Settings
  • Step 3: Browse
  • Step 4: Upload
  • Step 5: Crop

What do they say about Theme: Grid Focus?

Blavatar from Heather’s blog;

It’s a clean and simple three-column theme with a couple of special features you’ll dig:

  • Two widget areas. Widgets on Grid Focus can be placed in two sidebars.
  • Front page icon synced with your blavatar. The blue icon that appears on the front page of Grid Focus by default will change to your blavatar if you’ve uploaded one.

Watch the blavatar video presentation
brought to you by WORDPRESS.TV
Starring Chuck Norris

Result: All done!

nyjoomla blavatar

nyjoomla blavatar

Documentation from another CMS:

  • Anna’s Mambo experience
  • Anna’s Joomla experience

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One Response

  1. eksith says:

    HAHA! Welcome to the club! 😛

    ultimoadios says:
    Finally ha? Thanks.

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