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alpha inventions, for real?

Today, I could not believe my eyes when I went to click Dashboard | Blog Stats | Referrers.

Click Blog Stat

Click Blog Stat - Click Referrer and you will see.

I came across to a referrer that is too good to be true. Referrers, as we know –  are the list of sites that are used as the entry points to our blogs.

Referrers according to Word press: “People clicked links from these pages to get to your blog.”

I’ve been monitoring my blog stats for a while now as part of my ongoing educational research. Until an AI sprung into action. I’ve never seen a referrer that gives that kind of hits. I became curious.

Investigation. Research. As you can see, my blog is not that special. As per record, most of the hits are coming from search engines looking for Joomla! solution or relevant topics beside Joomla! See report page (2.4.09)

There are ways on how visitors find our individual blogs. e.g search engines, word of mouth, worpress community, flyers and e.t.c.

One way is leaving comments/creating links/

It is not a secret that when we leave a message or feedback or comment, there is a possibility that visitors get curious and might click the link to our website. They look around. Click around and then if inspired or for whatever reason visitors usually leave their comments.

The last time I recorded having more than a dozen of hit in a single day (twenty at most) from a single referrer was about a year ago.

It was justifiable. I had all the reasons to believe that twenty hits was just right and reasonable at that time because my blog was mentioned in one of the entries.

FYI: had wide readerships  from the following open source communities/members: Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, Ubuntu, developers, programmers, coders, technology movers and shakers, geeks and regular users like me who happens to know the author from the forums (Social Networking).

Forty one hits?

Sorry, for I am pessimistic about this 41 hits from one referrer-  . It seems to me that the hits are not real?  This record is just “too good to be true!” recorded 1/03/04

See the data below:

Referrer – – – – – – – – – – – – – Views – – – – – 41

  • The referrer number of views is just too high!
  • 41 hits from one referral is just too much (not my website)

Let me know what the fuss is all about.

Target of inquiry:

What is alpha inventions?

Brief explanation from:

Alpha Inventions is far from a robot, because it’s controlled by the visitors, and blog publishers. If you don’t publish a blog nobody will see it. If nobody is on nobody will see the blogs you published or updated. Simple. It was coded this way to avoid being a spam site. Once the site has grown more, I will get more into the coding part with you, so you can better understand how it works.

Just like any blog reader who has the pattern of reading someone’s blog, I checked out the General Settings:

Blog title: Alpha Inventions

Tagline: “A brilliant ideas for bloggers

Concept keywords: Random Stimulation

Reaction: Ah! technology

Just like anybody, I checked out the “About” tab.

The about page has a brief explanation that says, “Alpha Inventions is an experiment to connect webmasters (bloggers) together faster.” I’ve also noticed that there are at least 39 comments in the about page. Thirty- nine comments with only few words in the About page is quite impressive.

I also noted that the article “What is Alpha Inventions?” has 891 responses!

It has a YouTube video too! Brought to you by

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  1. slconceptual says:

    No it’s not for real.
    I got a bunch of hits for a new post, but there’s no corresponding increase in clicks on my outgoing links.

    I clicked through and watched the Alpha Inventions site for a while…..but didn’t click on a single blog.

    And that’s what everybody else is doing.

    It’s just a robot random blog loader that falsely increases pageviews without increasing readers.

    And everybody’s going to catch on to it before long.

  2. slconceptual says:

    Also it’s supposed to be presenting the latest blog posts so you can leap in and comment while the blogger is still online.
    So why is my post that’s now 24 hours old still being loaded by Alphainventions?

  3. ultimoAdios says:

    thanks slconceptual! there are so many questions to be answered regarding alphainventions. The only thing is alphainventions had created something that bloggers could talk about. In fact some coders even created their own programs and have been using alphainvention as the introduction to sell their own products. Sorry but couldn’t support nor even donate hits that I don’t really need. Not that way.

  4. slconceptual says:

    I also left a comment on their blog that was good humored but not entirely complimentary, and it’s still waiting for moderation – despite the fact that those who commented after (and favourably) have been published. Seems like someone doesn’t like criticism.

  5. ultimoAdios says:

    Well, you might as well leave the comment here for a good humor.

    Yes, I agree that criticism is a little uncomfortable to most humans even though hundreds or even thousands of supporters are quite happy and satisfied with the hits.

    I call it. My customers are happy! what’s wrong? Why am I bothered with these humorists?

    Well, they see and live the world differently. they are different. They don’t buy hits! They don’t even care if they have hits at all. Why? because Life is humor by itself and it just happened that there is this internet – opens for expressions and social networking is possible.

    We cannot avoid good humoured. Stories live among us – human tradition. However, if the humor affected my coolness then that is a distraction. I could not afford my customers to be distracted with your funny stories.

    And being a gentleman who happens to be an innovator, a dreamer that is willing to answer your comments, anywhere, remember the wordpress forum?

    They advised us to closed the thread. The discussion continued with so much positive applause! Eight hundred is more than enough to say, me too! I want to join this historic moment!

    But deepest apology — being a gentleman as I am can’t afford to make your comment as a start of feedback flame. Please say something positive, that is helpful. Thank you for coming, glad you commented.

    P.S…shhh! don’t worry I am not sending you any hits no more. And please just watch as I’ll perform my magic.

    Sounds like me.

    Blogs like.

    Please stand up!

  6. eksith says:

    Alphainventions does nothing more or less than present your blog to visitors who are just sitting there waiting for something interesting.

    If your blog happens to be interesting, they will continue to come back after the refresh. If it’s just-another-blog, they won’t. There are plenty of blogs on WordPress that have permanently increased their daily views by being on the site.

    All it does is give you exposure. It’s up to the author to keep the visitors coming after that. If you don’t see a corresponding increase in visits, then your blog is uninteresting for visitors.

    On a side note…
    I’m curious as to why slconceptual left such a blatant URL at the bottom of the first post. All a visitor has to do is click on the name and they will get the same URL. A second mention is completely unnecessary.

    So apparently, Alphainventions “falsely increases pageviews”, but that hasn’t stopped someone else from exploiting it on a blog that was featured.

    Hypocrisy anyone?

  7. It’s funny that slconceptual may have found you on to even make such remarks.

    Can slconceptual not realize she is reading and providing feedback on a blog that she found on AI?

    It’s kind of like being mad at your mother for giving you birth. If she didn’t give you birth, then you wouldn’t even be here to complain.

    Come on humans.

    ultimoadios says:
    on date: 1/18/08
    Everything is cool, bro. And there is nothing wrong being critical. Personally, I thank slconceptual for starting the discussion and for being brave enough to express her mind.

    Complain about being born?
    I heard this young man said to his mother, “Mother, I was not happy being born in this world. Why in the hell did you ever made love with that man? I called father. Yes, I am unhappy to be born.”

    Now what?

    There are plenty of advises. Grow up! Go get some help! Eat healthy! Exercise regularly! and blog are the best solution. But what if you are that young man in a war torn impoverished nation and you are promised that in the other life 23 virgins are waiting; in other life there is heaven; that after this life there is an everlasting life? What if you are in a situation where you lost 1 billion dollars from the $50 billion ponzi scheme?

    • ultimoAdios says:

      Roll call.
      alphainventions, eksith, slconceptual, ultimoadios.

      Social Networking Rocks!

      Welcome! Welcome!

      The AI is really cool. But remember, it needs the constant coolness of human attention, integration, immersion, and professionalism.

      IMHO: The AI is simply giving service to the Internet community and based on what I observed, you work hand in hand with AI – beautiful combination. why not?

      I guess, you did a very good job…evidence will show in your 2008 income tax return. Who said, there is a recession?

      AI went haywire. The meeting was plain curiosity. I was curious about the referrer – a website that is sending me hits upon hits and in just days, became the number one in the All Time referrer list – 124 referrals! That was alarming to me, but again others saw it differently.


      Referrer– – – – – — – – – – — – – – — Views
      The Champion: – – – – – – – – – – 124
      First runner up: – – – – – — 57
      2nd Runner up: – – – – – – – – – – – – – 52

      The data is not proportionate. There was no more harmony in the number of view. Do I have to be happy with the hits? What is the proper way to react? Am I going to be happy with this result? I should right? But how can I be happy if it didn’t make sense at all. The numbers just didn’t make sense.

      Hypocrisy Anyone? I have one.

      And when everything made sense to me, I capitalize the alphainventions popularity by blogging.

      Humans believe what they want to believe. They are free to discern and made mistake. They needed to be heard. They needed to belong. They needed to feel great when there are hits!

      I am not sure how long this conversation would last but all I know is humans are prone to believe in illusions that filled their emotions – from then rationalization – and dissemination with mysticism -music and symbols- became tradition and birthed Religion. Skeptics and atheists came as packaged – evangelizing contrasting the illusions bring forth by religion. What am I talking about?

      Well, crack the code!

  8. eksith says:

    Right, well… Here we go 😉

    What Alpha Inventions is and isn’t
    There seems to be a lot of confusion, fascination, excitement and even false hopes surrounding this thing called Alpha Inventions.

    First of all, Alpha Inventions isn’t a spam service. You don’t write just anything, post the link, and expect traffic to flow in. Yes, you will get a jump in hits, but that’s only temporary if your content isn’t interesting.

    Read the rest of this entry

    There you have it!

    ultimoadios says:

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