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My guide to forums 101: how the moments should be remembered

Most forums required registration. I registered without hesitation. I acquired two important forms of authentication, they are my;

  • User Id:
  • Password:

To avoid being banned in a forum and remain ethical – as an active/inactive forums member, I  forced myself to regularly visit the pages listed below.

  • forums rules pages,
  • frequently asked questions pages,
  • support pages links, and
  • search first before asking any question

Suggested forum links are,

Possible question: Why do you recommend those links?

Sample answer:

Dear readers. I have my personal reasons why I picked those links and without further or specific explanations. You judged those forums yourself – that is your personal responsibility. 12/28/08

Forum skills acquired:

  1. Police thyself”  by  following the rules of engagement (Read the forum rules of your choice)
  2. Document your forum experience. Be creative!

Sample project: Join any forums of your choice/interest/goal/objective

or complete the steps listed below as guide:

Step 1: Read the Office Live Workspace Community Code of Conduct

Step 2: Review the code of conduct or Forum rules as often as you can. (Introduce bookmarking)

Step 3: Convince yourself that reading the forum rules regularly is necessary. (Create your own version of forum rules.)

Step 4: Please be thankful that we are not required to memorize  the forum rules and recite them like prayers or get tested to qualify for membership and worst pay hefty amount of money to access the “Promise of Gold” pages. (Create a website that generates legit income)

Step 5: Find a Discussion of interest:


Step 6: Recreate the scenario. document, share and blog if you dare. Create a link  to to your blog for refutation. (Concept: advertisement, marketing, search engine ratings)

Step 7: Answer the anticipated question: Where should I charge the hours while doing all these uninterested waste of time project?

Possible Answer:

  • Charged to “The art of documentation for personal enjoyment
  • Charged to your personal commitment to lifelong learning
  • Just comply will ya!

Additional project :

For Local computer

The Internet

  • Buy a domain name or
  • Join the wordpress world of bloggers and start your blog

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