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The web 101 beginner? Intermediate? or Advanced?

December is the time for Social Networking  here at I am hoping to connect to everyone who has the time to sit, relax, party, and blog.  The holiday season is in the air and the constant reminder of “Give love on Xmas day!”  should do the trick. Beside this time of year is where most of the working force can get their needed long holiday breaks – another family time of the year.

Last year’s, December 2007 – social networking project was graded low in the categories of ethics and values. But according to the data in terms of hits or web traffic, the surge was a record high.

Social networking traffic outside the realm of Joomla!  is not really the main source of the surge.  Joomla! entries drew more hits than any other entries.

This year’s December 2008 – social networking is in progress 12/27/08.

Featured incoming links:
Featured website of interest:

Blogger about keywords: articulate, zen practitioner, cool person!

Proposed project based on:

Guide? (brainstorming)

  • Preparation/Documentation
  • Planning/Lesson plans/curriculum/best practices
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendation
  • Proposal
  • Budgeting

Possible challenges:

I don’t know about computers.

Can I get a job after I finish this project?

What do I gain?

What BS is this?

Note: This page is under construction – but ready for everyone to see!

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  1. eksith says:


    Good luck to anyone who takes this on! 😉

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