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Profile thyself, thou techie!

RGB connector

RGB Connector, a Male or a Female?

They called me techie .

My sample computer basic lab exercise is considered techie.

For some reasons, the word techie now gets in to my nerve. I’m no longer comfortable being called or  labeled as techie.

Am I really that sensitive? What is it now?  Lobby to congress to include techie word as derogatory?

But the techie description in the sense described is much more on like saying, “you are so poetic!” or “you are so deep”  or “you are full of…” and that is because on how people convey information.

The bottom line, I used techie words. What they don’t know is that these words called techie words are to be learned. These words did not come to us in a magical or special way. It is hard work to learn new things but sometimes you have to and without knowing years later – you are a techie person or an IT.

In the summer of 2000, right after the kindergartners’ graduation, the school gave us packets and educational materials, the aspiring first grader should know or should be familiar with.

The packet included pages of word list used in technology. The heading says, WORDS IN TECHNOLOGY YOUR FIRST GRADER SHOULD KNOW. The list  I remember includes: hardware, software, mouse, keyboard, operating system, applications, Read-only Memory, Random Access Memory, files, folders, file name and more – that was 2000.

What do they see?
Few associates/friends/relatives/job developer/including myself would highly recommend me in a techie position such as:

  • MIS,
  • Help Desk Support,
  • Technical Assistant,
  • Network Administrator,
  • Desktop Tech Support and
  • all other techie job descriptions

In this troubled times, rethinking these techie options is not hard to do:

How to do this?  Job Seeker’s Workbook, second edition, recommends that one must “Gather Information”, such as how much money you need to survive – both short-and long-term financial needs; skills related to the job requirements; salary scale; training cost; attending school cost;

This checklist should do:

  • To gather information about how much money I need to survive, Excel or OpenOffice Calc will do.
  • My skills related to the job requirements. Two credentials should count one from CompTIA and one from Microsoft. No experience in MSSQL is a big minus.
  • Salary scale. System administrator is higher compared to help desk position.
  • My interests and preferences
  • Setting goals
  • Organizing my job search – list of websites
  • Using various job search tools
  • Making contacts to discover available jobs
  • Preparing for my interview
  • Following up after an interview
  • Getting ready for my first day on the job
  • Being successful on the job



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