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Computer care: Anti-Virus

Computers running Microsoft’s Operating System has never been stronger in my end. I’ve seen Macs all over the place too, but not computer running Linux: Ubuntu, which I heard does not need AntiVirus as long as patches are up to date.

Use Linux: No AntiVirus needed

The Internet is not a friendly environment for the computers running Microsoft Operating System.

To be safe,  AntiVirus and Firewall are needed. There are plenty of choices for AntiVirus bundled with Firewall, spyware removal, and e.t.c with price tag and expiration date.

Near the expiration date the AntiVirus software will start giving notification that the protection is about to expire.

Renew or face the consequences!

Here is the Typical Expiration Notice: Your current product subscription expires on 22-Dec-2008. Norton AntiVirus Special Edition Subscription. Renew for the latest virus and spyware protection for your PC



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