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Understanding Adult Ed Tech Integration

To understand the educator’s individual roles in Adult Basic Education, I created my own guide in addition to what I already have.

The first step is to read:

Take notes! Blog it!

Second step is to pick one’s interest based on your skills, experience and education:

For example: Here is what I am interested with.

Educational Technology:

Fordham’s Regional Educational Technology Center is training educators to apply technology to reach and inspire today’s media-savvy students. RETC Works to Improve Teaching and Learning. In a special program, beginning August 2004 teachers, administrators, and principals from region 2 in the Bronx began a nine month process immersed in educational technology at Fordham as they seek to improve the performance of students.

For more information about the RETC and its offerings, go to

Not a Joomla! website but looks like one

Attend the conference: Bronx Technology Collaborative Annual Conference on Saturday, October 4, 2008: by clicking the “Please register for this event using their online form” a link created for my own convenient as well as to my readers’.

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  1. PreciseEdit says:

    Good advice. I especially appreciate #2.

    As a continuing education instructor, I, too, am in a position to use what I know and focus on my areas of interest–writing and communication. Knowing one’s areas of expertise and interest also provides flexibility in helping others learn. For example, I created a service called “365 Writing Tips” that e-mails writing tips and strategies. Today’s adult learners are not all sitting in classrooms, and many novel and inexpensive approaches to adult education are possible.

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