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Revisiting super admin “lost status”

Not long ago I blogged about Joomla! Super Admin Access Denied. The link might be a solution but I am convinced that the solution I found at joomla span website: on how to recover the admin account could be the best solution. Once again, I skimmed the article but I never tested the suggested solution as of this writing. There is no need for such adventure.

Note: A reminder that Friday, Septemter 13, 2008 – one Joomla! user has been added to the list. I was there when Joomla! 1.5 was downloaded and burned into the user’s CD-WR. Days later the user told me that Joomla! is running in the local computer. “I installed Joomla! easily” was the last words that up to this day still ringing to my ears.  I was impressed with the reaction. Hey bro! If you happened to read this page, please don’t forget to drop some lines. Please include how Joomla! is doing.

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