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Here comes Bervetizer Email

This is now my second entry talking about BidVertiser. The new email  titled, $20 in Free Clicks to Try BidVertiser, still did not make sense to me until I read the content.

Dear [My Real Name]

We have noticed that you have not been using your BidVertiser account so far. We are writing to encourage you to advertise with us, and we are so confident that BidVertiser will work well for you that we will credit your account with $20 in free funds!

In order to get your $20 Free Credit, simply login to your account and click “Activate Account”…


Click compose.

I am not a BidVertiser Customer. I am your wrong guy fella.  Even though “you” (BidVertiser) will give me a $20 dollars Free Credit to spend for advertisement, why should I do that? Why waste $20 dollars to promote the “UltimoAdios” blog?  Sorry but  I have nothing to advertise. I have no product to sell…nothing…nada!

Your wrong guy!

This is the last of my BidVertiser entry.

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