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BidVertiser to me,

An email I received. No idea what the letter is talking about because I never tried BidVertiser nor understand what BidVertiser is all about.

I can read the letter with just a little sense of it or just the gist by looking through the facts presented that there is a change, more user friendly, the ads can now be here and there; flexibility, and all these changes due to

a. publishers request and after

b. “they” analyze user-behavior

What? Analyze user-behavior? See what I see and understand what I want to understand but how BidVertizer really works? That is another story.

The email starts with the…

Subject:  New Look of the BidVertiser Ads

Dear [My Real Name],

You may have noticed that the format of the BidVertiser Ads has been slightly changed. There are 3 main changes applied to the ads:

1. Title and URL, both have an underline on/off affect while moving the mouse over.

2. Title, Description and URL can now be opened in a new window or tab when right-clicking on, which makes them more user-friendly.

3. The BidVertiser brand name and the companion “Advertise Here” text are now blended into one section, appearing in the bottom right hand of the ad.

The above changes have been applied after reviewing requests we have received from our publishers, as well as after analyzing user-behavior.

The control that that you have on the ads (colors, background etc.) are kept intact and we hope that this new ad format will work well for both you and our advertisers.

As always, we welcome any feedback via our customer service center.

Please do not respond directly to this e-mail because we are unable to receive e-mail responses to this address. Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, please login to your BidVertiser account and click on the Support link.

Best Regards,
BidVertiser Support Team


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One Response

  1. ultimoAdios says:

    Dear BidVertiser Support Team,

    I did not respond directly to your e-mail. I blog it. No problem so far. No need to login. Do I have a BidVertiser account? I will check on this.

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