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The Birth of Joomla! User Group Toronto


The appropriate title of this entry should have been “The Birth of Joomla! User Group New York!” instead I’d picked Joomla! UG Toronto.

The reason for this I think? please read my disclaimer, is that when Joomla! UG New York Group was formed I didn’t know what to write I was a goner when Joomla! User Group New York was born.

And after reading the article entitled “Joomla! User Group Toronto Birthed”
It made me wish to have written the same thing in my blog. The article made me react and wrote something about it.

Looking back to the preliminary discussion as I re-read all my posts at the forum, yes I sounded so interested, and so excited based on the following ideas I had at that time;

  1. Joomla! UG New York would finally be formed, at last! and
  2. At birth, be there in that historic event.

My feeling during the discussions was real but when the time finally came, the time to partake that historic moment, not talk but a commitment, in the last moment, I backed out.

Shame on me! but not as shameful as the governor of New York has been going through. Below is Eliot Spitzer with his wife when he announced his resignation as governor of New York.


OT as they call it in the forum, yes, I agree but I don’t want to miss the opportunity for my own voice to be excluded in Eliot Spenzer’s predicament, because this is truly a human drama unfolding before my eyes…you know the usual suspects, integrity, marriage, governance, sex, scandal, money, investigation, FBI, wiretapping, prostitution, law, myspace, profile, penthouse, and much more.


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