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Drupal was mentioned in a long thread entitled. “Drupal VS. Joomla! at,4364.0.html.

One paragraph about Drupal in that thread I favored.

drupalorg.pngDrupal is a kind of “Lego” approach to sitebuilding that definitely has a steep learning curve.Drupal modules are complete, but are designed to do many things at a lower level. Drupal modules are combined by function to build what we call extensions in Joomla. You have to thoroughly understand Drupal modules, i.e., what they do, how they relate and how they are applied. The process is time consuming for anyone and I repeat, “definitely has a steep learning curve” to apply the modules to build your sites.

Like that! by domineaux: Re Drupal Vs. Joomla:

I have been a Drupal fan up to this time. My idea on how I would use Drupal can be manifested in the or similar. I like the way made used of Drupal Open Source Community Websitein terms of how the registered users as well as the guests interact with each other through direct blogging or commenting.

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  1. PreciseEdit says:

    While this isn’t a writing topic, per se, it is about delivery and presentation, so we’ll throw in our two cents.

    We looked at Drupal carefully, as well as other content management systems. Eventually, we selected DotNetNuke and have begun the process of building the new site. The new Precise Edit site should go live soon now, and we are quite excited by how it works, how it looks, and what it can do.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    Great! DotNetNuke is listed as an open source web apps a very powerful one indeed. I believe it could handle the need of your website. I am excited to see the new website powered by DotNetNuke!

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