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The Wise FTP Access Revisited

Not long ago I blogged about file transfer protocol in particular the Wise FTP. You can read the entry in this link:

Since then, as much as I was tempted to use some other ftp programs which I should do based on the comments posted, but at the end I disregard the idea. I am stubborn and will remain loyal to what my web host has recommended in its download page – the Wise FTP.

The other day, I was asked what is the best ftp program. I did not respond what’s the best because I never tried the other ftp programs. However, here is what you can do if you decided to use wise ftp.

1. Download the Free Wise FTP at //as of this writing wise ftp is version 5.

2. Install it by clicking the icon.


3. Once installed, restarted and launched the program, you will see the Site Manager Dialog box.


Note: You can also access the Site Manager by going to Tools | Site Manager

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