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My Comment Was Zapped!

Ouch! First time it happened. The reason was “inept trollery”. The blogger puts it this way, Ultimo’s comment zapped on the grounds of inept trollery. I’m usually pretty negligent abouthorrible.jpg removing trolls, but honestly. If you must troll, please keep it ept.
I wish I could post here what I wrote, but it was an unacceptable comment. Was it? I guess so.

Lesson to remember, I must be politically correct when it comes to that issue. Politically incorrect has no room in that world.

Thanks a lot you opened my mind… I just learned a painful lesson…being zapped and being called such word…a new word for me “troll”, “trollery” – the hard way.

So I went back and cleaned up my act. Here is my new comment.

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    How about aiming for just being plain correct? Most likely, your comment was geared toward starting an argument – which is the definition of “troll.”

    Cry “political correctness” all you want, or just get over yourself.

  2. Sarah says:

    What? My comment is awaiting moderation?


  3. ultimoAdios says:

    Hi Sarah! thanks for passing by. and yes, I have to turn on the moderation thingy so I could control the information coming in.

    The comments I don’t like? Delete!

    The one I like? Approve! that simple.

    Yes, I will take note of your suggestion. I will try my best to just being plain correct. No excuses! I agree!

    The best part is I just get over myself…the right way to do…could not be wrong.


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