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Dec 5, 07 : Late Night Hot Topic

The News came to my attention.

“… the adrenaline flowing, people screaming, people running, sirens weeping, gun bursting, bullets flying, 911, blood, chaos, injuries and deaths ” the list of words describing what happened” – – the complete ingredients of a hot topic by ultimoadios.

Where did it happen? Nebraska. I happened to know someone from there!

Note: I am using this image without permission.

The Story
.. a very simple story, a typical story of a “twisted” young man, a loser of course, who went down to the drain and brought eight with him.

“Eight people?”, that’s just horrible!

“Where did it happen? In Iraq? or Afganistan!”


“Hey, pause…”don’t use the name for cursing! or in vain!” Remember? They would even hang you if you rename a bear “you know who?”, how much more for cursing.

Correction please: Wrong religion. The strict religion does not own the name. If that religion does, no further explanation…

Please read the headline
“Gunman who killed 8, himself at Omaha mall had lost job, girlfriend, home”

The Rant!
What the **** bro! – – a loser, plain and simple (analyze him!)
Losing a girlfriend? Hey, you should find one!
Lost job at MacDo? KFC is Hiring!
Lost home? Well, in Newyork you can sleep in the subways or train!

The Question
What if religion is true? What if soul/spirit is true? What if there is hell or a waiting room where you have to wait before going to each separate direction. What if that place exists? What if you see each other; the eight of them?

“Hmmnnn, I wonder what those eight would do to you?”

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